How to optimize the Facebook Ads?



There are 3 kinds target audience in Facebook
1. Core audience:target ads to people based on the country, location, age, gender, interest, languages, and behavior.

2. Custom audience:include or exclude the people you already know according to the user list you have.

3. Lookalike audience:Finding other people on Facebook who are most similar to the people in the source you provided.



We all know that the app market is becoming much more mature and users are becoming much smarter. All app developers now have many problems to be solved like the retention rate, how to find high-value and high-quality users, how to increase the number of paid users etc.

To solve the problems above, we need to know how users behave and what actions they take in our apps. The App Events could help a lot.


App events optimization means to target people who are most likely to take the same action as your source audience when using your app.



Every developer or company would try everything to lower the cost of gaining users. However, they are now dissatisfied with the low CPI and keep digging deeper and deeper for high-value and high-quality customers.
Here, I would like to share the advanced strategy about how to use AEO to reach the valuable users for your products or services.
Just follow one rule – use more than one event in your every optimization!



How to build the FB account is a big concern for all advertisers. Here I would share with you to 6 easy but powerful steps for building a high-quality FB ad account.account10


Carousel advert is one of the most popular ad formats on Facebook, especially for game and E-commerce advertisers.


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