Google Adwords | Are your creatives good enough?

1. Why are the creatives important?


2. Ad formats – how to make good creatives?

2.1 Text ads

(1) Title: 25 characters including punctuation.
(2) Description 1: 35 characters including punctuation.
(3) Description 2: 35 characters including punctuation.
(4) Display URL: The web page address that appears with your ad.
(5) Final URL: The landing page that people reach when they click your ad.


(1)  Do not use words that contain violence, blood, ethnic discrimination, etc.
(2)  Do not contain the superlatives and comparatives “the first”, “No. 1”, “Top”, “Best”, “Most” etc.
(3)  Do not use too many punctuation marks such as exclamation points and question mark.
(4)  The two descriptions of text ads will display as carousel ads.
(5)  The description must be clear and specific enough. Do not use ambiguous words in your text ads.


2.2 Text ads




(1) Do not have pornography, violence, gambling or bloody content in your creatives.
(2) Do not mislead or trick the users to click your ads. For example, use moving and clicking arrows or content that resemble system or site warnings/error messages.
(3) If your ads are about games, you must specify the Game’s name with quotation marks. Furthermore, the size of description and download logo must not larger than the name.
(4) Do not use the graphic that contains sexual acts intended to arouse.
(5) You can add the official Google Play download image on the image.




(1) Promotion creatives with the icon, product name, and promotion title.
(2) Use game or PK scene as design elements.
(3) Use different game characters to create images.
(4) Tell a story in your creatives.