How to target high-quality app users? Begin optimizing with App Events.

We all know that the app market is becoming much more mature and users are becoming much smarter. All app developers now have many problems to be solved like the retention rate, how to find high-value and high-quality users, how to increase the number of paid users etc.

To solve the problems above, we need to know how users behave and what actions they take in our apps. The App Events could help a lot.

1. What are App Events?

App events are the actions people take in your app. We can use the SDK to track the events and send them to Facebook.
Here are the 14 events with Facebook mobile ads:


You can also custom more other app events like open the third times a week, purchase more than 10 dollars etc. if the 14 ones above are not suitable enough.

2. What can we do with App Events?

2.1 With App events, we can better track people’s special actions and behaviors.
Who purchases your app? What is his or her age, gender, interest, location? These are valuable information for ads optimizing.


2.2 Knowing more about the user experience with Funnel Analysis.
———App events help us effectively measure ever step of user’s experience.

The table above shows that there are 22.73% users would pay after they registered, and 13.64% would unlock the achievement after payment. However, there may be some problem with the register function as the completed registered rate is lower than usual.

2.3 Understand whether the users have behavioral differences in different periods.
————Increase Retention rate and the Lifetime Value(short for LTV)

For example, the app developer launched a promotion activity during 15th – 19th. Buyer can enjoy free delivery service during these time. We can see that there are more users added to cart during the promotion period. The app events prove that this marketing strategy works.

3. Target people with app events

Fing high-value users with Lookalike Audience.

4. App Events Optimization

————Use AEO to reach high-quality users.

We need to make the balance between increasing user volume shortly and acquire high-quality users. Data shows that more than half of users won’t launch the app again after the second day they installed.
In that case, we should pay more attention to targeting new customers who would take actions in apps like purchase or use the app frequently.
Here if we want to acquire new gamers with purchase behaviors, we need to optimize ads combine purchase event with lookalike audience.
We can use the app events in other different ways to target different new customers.