Apply multi-events optimization in each campaign to maximize the value of AEO.

Every developer or company would try everything to lower the cost of gaining users. However, they are now dissatisfied with the low CPI and keep digging deeper and deeper for high-value and high-quality customers.
Here, I would like to share the advanced strategy about how to use AEO to reach the valuable users for your products or services.
Just follow one rule – use more than one event in your each optimization!

  • The obvious advantages of multiple app events optimization?

1. Reach more potential customers
2. Increase the app installs
3. Lower the CPI
4. Users from AEO campaigns are more likely to take actions

  • How to use multiple events at the same time?

Multiple app events optimization is focused on events in the middle and the bottom of the funnel to help advertisers expand their customer coverage while maintaining the number of premium users.

1. Create the Funnel Model for your events and set a group of app events for your campaign. For example, you can optimize the events “app launched” + ” completed registration” + “complete tutorial” + “search” + “added to cart” + “purchased”.
2. Use a hierarchical bid structure based on the value of each app event.
3. The value of the user will become higher and higher when he or she keeps playing taking different actions in your app.

More Tips:combine multi-events optimization with multiple targeting.
1. arrange different budget for different targeting
less budget – Broad targeting;
more budget –  interest targeting;
most budget –  lookalike targeting;
2. Use the worldwide targeting at the same time to locate more premium customers all over the world.

  • Diversified targeting + multiple app events optimization

Users take actions at the bottom of the sales funnel are most valuable for developers. Hence, the advertiser can reach fewer people when using those events in optimization. Correspondingly, you need to arrange more budget for these campaigns.


Matter that needs your attention
1. choose at least 3 events in the middle or bottom of the Sales Funnel such as “achieved level”, “added to cart” and “purchased”.
2. Conduct measurement tests for your campaigns and make adjustment according to the result of different app events.
3. Apply the multi-events optimization strategy to all your products in all countries.