Carousel ads of Facebook

Carousel advert is one of the most popular ad formats on Facebook, especially for game and E-commerce advertisers.


  • What is carousel adverts?

The carousel format allows you to show 3-5 images or videos within a single advert, each with its own link.
With more creative space, you can show specific details about one product, service or promotion.

Design recommendations:
Recommended image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels
Image ratio: 1:1
Text: 90 characters
Headline: 40 characters
Link Description: 20 characters
Your image should include minimal text.


  • How to make creative carousel ads?

1. Use product imagery to target returning or high-intent customers, and lifestyle imagery to target new customers.
2. Try different creative strategies, like storytelling or sequencing, to see what works best for you.
3. Use images to show multiple products.Give customers more options and encourage them to purchase by showing a different product on each carousel card.
4. Highlight different features of a single product.
Use each carousel card to show different features or details of your product to better inform customers.
5. Tell a story
Especially for game products, use images or videos in succession to tell a story or show different scenes and characters can have a positive result.

Other Tips:
The bidding strategy of carousel ad is the same with other ad formats.
Facebook will not charge during rotation of the images.
Facebook can automatically rank the image with the best performance in the first place.