Do you misunderstand YouTube ads?

Why choosing Youtube ad?

Youtube is the largest video platform all over the world.
It’s also the second largest search engine with more than a billion MAU and 4 billion video views per day. There are more than 100 hours of videos uploaded to Youtube each minute. In addition, more than half of Youtube video views come from mobile devices.

  • What’re the advantages of Youtube ads?

1. Connect with the huge amount of audience all around the world.
2. Connect with the right audience – more than 53.4% of Youtube viewers look for consulting services or products there.


  • When people come to Youtube?

Most people would say users watch videos on Youtube with their mobile devices usually in the daytime or on and off the way to work and from work.
What’s the truth?


Youtube can reach more users and attract their attention than TV. People are more willing to spend time on Youtube during the prime time (19:00 ~ 22:00) with mobile devices.

  • Do people only watch the hottest videos on Youtube?


More and more people are used to look for everything on YouTube. They also have specific preference such as watching teaching videos or shopping guide there.
In additions, the influence of the YouTube video uploaders can not be underestimated. Advertisers can cooperate with the network celebrities to enhance their brand awareness.

  • The length of YouTube ads is the same with traditional TV ads which are 15s, 30s or 60s. So the length will not effect the ad performance?


There are more choices in length for YouTube video ads than TV. Advertisers should make the right choice for different business and products during different marketing periods.

Furthermore, combine the non-skippable ads with TrueView and Google Preferred ads can maximize the ad effect, reach more audience and be more impressive.