How is the conversation rate of your app/game on Google Play

Once you’ve published an app on Google Play, you can review data on how users find and engage with your app’s store listing.

conversation rate1.png1. How to measure your app’s acquisition on Google Play? 

See an example (from Play Console Help):

  1. Your app’s conversion rate(organic traffic) in Brazil equals 22.2%
  2. The median conversion rate for apps in the same category and monetization model equals 18%
  3. Your app’s conversation rate is 4.2% above the median

conversation rate2

2. How to use the user acquisition data?

  1. If your app’s conversation rate is lower than the median, you should pay more attention to the Store listing Optimization. Make the landing page more attractive

    contribute to higher conversion rate.

  2. If your app’s conversation rate is equal to or above the median, you can try to optimize more keywords to get more traffic from Store.
  3. Review performance by channel or country. According to different performance in different countries, you can run some A/B Test in those countries with high impressions but low conversation rate.
  4. Compare date ranges to see how your app’s user acquisition metrics have changed over time.

3. What factors will affect the conversation rate?

conversion rate3.png

4. Details of improving the conversation rate?

  1. Keep optimizing the store listing materials for a higher click-to-install rate.
  2. Keep running the store listing experiments in specific languages and check how the conversation rate changes.
  3. Improve the reviews and rating of your apps. Rating is becoming increasingly important as it’s one of the metrics that first presented to users as icons and title.
  4. Optimize more high-relevant keywords to get more organic traffic from Google Play would help a lot for the conversation rate.
  5. Improve your products for a higher retention rate which will contribute to the user-acquisition data.

Generally speaking, it’s quite necessary to obtain a conversation rate equal to or higher than the median before a heavy promotion.