How to optimize the Search ads in Google Adwords?

Google advertising is a great marketing strategy for all business owners as it can effectively find potential customers.
When people search something in Google or other search engines, they must exactly know what they want. In that case, if your ad can hit them precisely, it will get high conversion rate and high value.

一. How to create search ad campaigns?

1.Create the ads.
Building your first search ad can take just a few minutes. Start by writing an ad that tells people what you offer.
2. Set keywords.
Next, choose the keywords that potential customers might search for on Google to find your business.
3. Set budget.
Set a daily budget, and your ad is ready to go live.When the ad comes to live, users will see it when they search the relevant keywords.

二. How to optimize the search ads?

1. Reach the right customers with the right keywords.
If you do not have a plan to set your keywords, I would highly recommend the tool – “Keyword Planner” to you.Keyword Planner will give you suggestions for new keywords and bid according to your seed keywords or phrase.


2. The match types
In the beginning of advertising, it’s better to choose the broad match so as not to miss the potential customers.

3. Bidding:
When setting the bid strategy for ads, you can use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to check the ranking for each ad. For keyword in low competition, increase the bid would be helpful to rank NO 1. and get more impressions. For high competitive ones, rank in 2-4 positions would be better if the first place is too expensive.
Remember that ad position is determined by a formula called Ad Rank that gives your ad a score based on your bid, the quality of your ads and landing page, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats. So even if your competition bids more than you, you can still win a higher position — at a lower price — with highly relevant keywords and ads.

4.Setting more than one ads for each keyword
We need to set at least 3 different ad descriptions for every keyword and add news ones each week. Keep updating and testing, then choose the best ones with a high score to win more a higher position.

5. Do not forget the optimize the landing page of your ads.
For App Install ads, we need to pay attention to the Google Play Store landing page and keep doing the store listing experiments for a better user-acquisition result.
For web ads, we should make our landing page more mobile friendly.
Keep it quick, make it simple and easy to navigate is the best way to keep the users stay.