Rules and Tips for publishing apps or games to Google Play

For new developers on Google Play, it should be noted that there are many rules need to be complied with. From how to create an APK package to how to finish your store listing and not violate the developer policies.
Here I would share my experience in publishing apps or games to Google Play.


1. Basic rules about app publishing

1. Unique package id: Every package id must be unique on Google Play Store. The id ever existed but removed from Store are invalid.
2. Version code: The version code needs to be greater than that current version for each update.
3. Signature: The updated APK needs to be signed with the same signature as the current version.
4. Rollout release: You can only increase the rollout percentage after confirming rollout. The first rollout should cover at least 1000 users.
5. The release can not be Reverted after publishing: You can only update or deactivate the current version after the app is published to Store.

2. Tips about how to optimize the store listing for your Apps or Games


3. Top 4 Most Frequent Violations of Google Play Developer Program Policy