Six Steps to build a high-quality FB ad account structure!

How to build the FB account is a big concern for all advertisers. Here I would share with you to 6 easy but powerful steps for building a high-quality FB ad account.

account1Step 1 – Arrange budget to campaigns with different targeting appropriately

According to experience from some of the popular game companies,it’s reasonable to set up budgets like this


It’s obvious that lookalike targeting can reach people who are most similar to your source audience. Also, if your want to target people all over the world, create the multi-country lookalike audience and use the worldwide targeting would help a lot.

account2Step 2 – Take full advantages of AEO and keep optimizing the budget


App event optimization is the ability to feed mobile app install ads to people likely to take a specific action in your app.
The value of using app event optimization is that, beyond new installations for your app, you will also acquire people who are likely to take a specific action that is of value to your app or business. Therefore, advertisers should not only focus on quantity of app installs but also the quality.

account3Step 3 – Combine worldwide targeting with the traditional three targeting, seeking high-quality customers all over the world


When you come to step 3, a simple ad account has been established. And we need to move on.

account4Step 4 – Pick up the key market and exclude it in the worldwide targeting campaign. Create another specific campaign for it

When you run the worldwide targeting ads, you need to exclude those most valuable countries or areas with high ROI such as the US, Canada etc.
If you are not sure which countries are important for your new product at the beginning, you must keep analyzing the ROI when running the worldwide targeting ads and find out which market has the most potential.

account5Step 5 – What to do with the second important countries? Set up two tiers for them

There would be some countries not in your first priority but have potential also. What to do with them with limited resources and promotion budget?
We suggest that the sub-key countries can be divided into two tiers and create different campaigns for them.

1. Choose the best 30 countries except for the key markets excluded in worldwide targeting.
2. divide them into two tiers. (Tier 1: top 1- 15 countries; tier 2: top 16-30 countries)
3. Create multi-country lookalike audience for the two tiers, use auto bid and set a different upper limit for them.
4. Track the ad performance and adjust the countries according to the result.

account6Step 6 – The final structure of your ad account!


The advantages of the ad account above.
1. Reach more people. There are at least 1 million of potential customers in each ad set.
2. Run ads stably.
3. More predictable results.
4. A lower frequency of ad update. The audience is less likely to be tired of ads.