Strong Tips for ASO on Google Play

Why do we need to do App Store Optimization?
According to the report of TUNE, over 50% of app installs motivated by specific need (found apps directly in Google results or had a specific task).
In other words, customers are more willing to download apps or games from the search result on Google Play. After keyword and search optimization, it’s more possible to increase the organic traffic for your product. 


1. What are the key factors influencing search results on Google Play?


According to the optimization experience and data analysis, we create a simple model for search composite score:


– Higher relevancy of keyword and function will have a greater effect on performance.In other wordsif the product is weakly relevant to the keyword, it’s hard to rank in a high position even it has a great performance in installs, ratings, reviews etc.

2. Powerful – How can your products rank highly in the search result?

  • The weight of keywords in different positions


【*** Title ***】

Google Play allows 50 characters in title now (20 more than before)
– Highly recommend you add the most important keywords as sub-title

【*** Description ***】

Short and long descriptions are important as Google Play will monitor and analyze the keywords show up in these two places.
Also, the description has great influence on helping users to understand the product so as to improve the CVR of your LP.
Translate and localize the description for different language would have a positive effect on ranking higher in the search result.
– Even the weight of keywords in the description is much weaker than those in the title, we need to pay high attention to it.

【*** Reviews ***】

Google Play allows developers to reply the reviews.
The keywords show up in reviews will affect the search results.
Most of the users would check reviews before they install a product.
– Reply to reviews appropriately will improve install rate and user experience.

3. Take full advantage of the store listing experiments on Google Play for A/B Test.

  • What is store listing experiment?


  • How to do A/B Testing for your creatives of the landing page?


  • The advantages and limitations of A/B Testing?


In conclusion, showing the right and the best store listing to customers with a high-quality and appropriate title, icon, banner, screenshots, descriptions, and video would have a great effect on increasing the organic traffic from Google Play.