App Event Optimization | Easy ways to win most high-value customers.

In the last post, I introduce What is App events of Facebook to you.Now I am going to share how to optimize ads with app events.


1. How do app events work?

App events optimization means to target people who are most likely to take the same action as your source audience when using your app.

2. How to choose the right events?

Two basic rules need to be followed when choosing the app events.
RULE 1 – It should at least happens 10 times per day for each app event we are going to optimize
RULE 2 – The ratio of App events to app installs should be between 1% to 50%. If it’s higher than 50% or lower than 1%, there’s poor effect running the app events optimization.

3. How to check the ratio of app events to app installs?


4. How to set up the best User-acquisition strategy with app events optimization?

Multi-country lookalike + Worldwide Targeting + App events optimization


4.1 How to target?
– Create the multi-country lookalike audience high-quality source audience.
– Worldwide targeting
Exclude the large and high-active countries (US, Brazil, India, Philippine etc)
– Exclude countries with high spending but low profit after 1-2 weeks
Single Language (English)
Target with Keywords, interests, core gender and ages.

4.2 How to Bid?
– Bid based on App events optimization like purchase or Unlocked achievement
Use 3- 4 creatives with the best performance

4.3 What’s the result?
– Worldwide paid users acquisition.

4.4 More Tips
– For new apps or games do not have source audience on Facebook, it’s better to bid based on app installs.
– Set $100 each day as budget, auto-bid for 24 ~ 36 hours and then switch to AEO bidding.
– Divide ads for mobile and tablet.
– Only target to high-end mobile devices