What is UAC 2.0 on Google AdWords?

Universal app campaigns make your promotion much easier and simpler. Unlike most of the AdWords campaigns, you don’t need to design individual ads for UAC. Just provide some text, a starting bid, and budget, set the locations and languages and the system will optimize the ads smartly and reach the right audience for your products or services.


“The old version of UAC is aiming at acquiring more new customers, while the new one will also maximize the effect when maintaining a high volume of installs.”

  • The 3 new features of UAC 2.0

1. Support more OS including Android and iOS.
2. Creatives can be more flexible – you can add text, up to 10 images and 5 YouTube videos on one ad page.
3. More optimizing options for targeting and bidding – you can optimize your ads for installs or the app events.

  • Key points of setting up the UAC 2.0 ads.

1. The text is a must have one.
2. Optimize for in-app actions to acquire high-value customers.
3. If you are targeting people who are more likely to have in-app actions, you need to set a 20% higher price in bidding to this campaign compared with the normal one.